Changing the Recipe: A Pardreamin Recap

Have Pardot? Have you heard of tracking cookies?

In my session from Pardreamin 2021, you will learn why it is so important to update your Pardot cookie tracking from third- to first-party given the address loss of third-party cookie support from most web browsers.

You’ll walk away from the session with:

  1. Your cookie ingredients: How to implement the change in Pardot.
  2. Recipe assurance: Understand how to check if your first-party cookies are working.
  3. Tips for cookie flops: Know when you need someone to help you implement the change.

Take a minute to learn how to update your Pardot cookies:


Published by Lori Trzcinski

Lori Trzcinski is a Salesforce Marketing Champion and leads the Philadelphia Salesforce Marketing Cloud Marketers Group. She is a Certified Marketing Cloud and Pardot Consultant who is also a Salesforce Advanced Administrator. She is a marketing manager turned consultant with a passion for all things martech—especially helping people to bring their marketing goals to life through the use of the ever-growing number of technology options available.

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