Changing the Recipe: A Pardreamin Recap

Have Pardot? Have you heard of tracking cookies? In my session from Pardreamin 2021, you will learn why it is so important to update your Pardot cookie tracking from third- to first-party given the address loss of third-party cookie support from most web browsers. You’ll walk away from the session with: Your cookie ingredients: HowContinue reading “Changing the Recipe: A Pardreamin Recap”


Best Practices When Preparing for a Marketing Cloud Certification

Whether you are brand new to the possibility of considering taking a Salesforce certification, or you are a seasoned veteran, this quick read is designed to help provide you with helpful knowledge and considerations so that you can enter a test feeling more confident and prepared.  What Marketing Cloud Certifications Exist? There are four (4)Continue reading “Best Practices When Preparing for a Marketing Cloud Certification”

Pay Attention Pardot People

Pardot’s Spring 2021 releases are ones you will want to pay attention to. In the continual effort to better integrate Pardot with Salesforce while also expanding upon Pardot’s marketing capabilities, this release includes some special gems to note. Not every release item applies to every org across the board since some will depend on whatContinue reading “Pay Attention Pardot People”

Your Marketing Team Matters!

I had the opportunity to chat all things marketing with Casey Cheshire, founder of Cheshire Impact, and host of The Hard Corps Marketing Show. We took a deep dive into discussing building your marketing team and why it’s so important to success–even outside of the marketing team.

Salesforce Skills as a Pardot Administrator

Running your marketing initiatives as a Pardot administrator is a very important role, but with advancements to Salesforce marketing offerings and technology, it is increasingly important to have a well-rounded knowledge-base of your true marketing potential.  There are situations where a Pardot administrator may have little to no access to Salesforce. This is not idealContinue reading “Salesforce Skills as a Pardot Administrator”

Keeping up with the Releases

As a part of its product innovation promise, Salesforce offers 6 releases per year—per year–3 major releases (Summer, Spring, Winter) and 3 off-cycle month releases. Regardless of what Salesforce product or products you may use, keeping up with all of the new updates and new features may be difficult.


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