Pay Attention Pardot People

Pardot’s Spring 2021 releases are ones you will want to pay attention to. In the continual effort to better integrate Pardot with Salesforce while also expanding upon Pardot’s marketing capabilities, this release includes some special gems to note. Not every release item applies to every org across the board since some will depend on what existing features you are/are not utilizing, but you never know in your Pardot lifetime when it may apply to you. Below are some of the key items released.

Release item to pay attention to immediately:

  • The Retirement of Pardot User Authentication – As of February 15, 2021, the Pardot User Authentication will no longer work. All users must use Salesforce Single Sign-On to access Pardot. Pardot users that do not need to use a full Salesforce license can use the Identity license. Salesforce has loaded 100 of them into existing accounts for use. See Salesforce documentation for more details on how to prepare.

Release item to keep you your radar for 2021:

  • First-Party Tracking – Web browsers are slowly but surely moving away from supporting third-party cookies. Already onboard are Firefox and Safari and do not trust them. Google announced Chrome is heading in the same direction as the browser will stop the use of third-party tracking cookies before 2022.

Good to have’s:

  • Two-Click Unsubscribe – This is an excellent new addition to the Pardot universe. The introduction of the two-click unsubscribe feature allows you to prevent email scanners from automatically unsubscribing your prospects like they could with one-click unsubscribe. It introduces a prompt page (i.e. second click step) to officially unsubscribe. This is a great solution for those who used custom preference center pages to mimic the functionality of two-click unsubscribe.
  • Track Accounts as Campaign Members – The day has come! Currently in Salesforce, you are only able to add lead and contact records to campaigns, but not accounts. ABM marketers can now add account records to campaigns as well.
  • Sync Prospects from Different Pardot BU’s to a Single Salesforce Lead or Contact – If you are utilizing business units (BUs), you can now sync prospects with cross-business unit leads and contacts. This is especially useful for Pardot orgs who need to have one single source of truth on a lead or contact record, but are required to keep the data on those individuals separated into different BU’s on the marketing side for reasons such as branding. This eliminates the need to maintain duplicate records and can be found on the Salesforce-Pardot connector.
  • Add More Reply-To and Email Senders to Pardot Emails – With this new feature release, configuring dynamic sender profiles allows you to add up to five senders and reply-to users.
  • Report on Email Content through Custom Reports – Expand your Salesforce reporting with more integrated marketing reporting using custom reports. With email content set as the primary object of the custom report, you can analyzing email content performance. Note: this reporting is only available on emails sent using the new email builder.

Nice to know’s:

  • Access to Marketing Setup – You can now access the Pardot setup assistant from the Setup dropdown in Salesforce which will direct you to the marketing area of setup directly without you needing to search for it. Look for the ‘Marketing Setup’ icon.
  • Access B2BMA Setup Shortcut from within Einstein Behavior Scoring – Now when configuring B2BMA and Einstein Behavior Scoring, you can create and enable from one unified dashboard.

For more information and to view all of the releases, see the Pardot Spring 2021 Release Notes.

Photo by Alexis Mora Angulo on Unsplash


Published by Lori Trzcinski

Lori Trzcinski is a Salesforce Marketing Champion and leads the Philadelphia Salesforce Marketing Cloud Marketers Group. She is a Certified Marketing Cloud and Pardot Consultant who is also a Salesforce Advanced Administrator. She is a marketing manager turned consultant with a passion for all things martech—especially helping people to bring their marketing goals to life through the use of the ever-growing number of technology options available.

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