Surprise! There’s a Fifth Pardot Sender

As a Pardot user, you may be familiar with these four standard Pardot sender and custom reply-to address options:

  1. General User
  2. Specific User
  3. Assigned User
  4. Account Owner

But what if I told you there is another sender you can enable in a few easy steps?

In addition to specified users and owners, you can also add Prospect CRM User Custom Field to your sends.

When selected as a sender or custom reply-to option, you can specify which CRM User Custom Field you wish to send on behalf of. This means you can have more than one type of CRM User Custom Field data syncing to Pardot if you’d like to. The catch is that this field will only populate in the drop-down menu as a sender or custom reply-to option if configured, otherwise, a Pardot user will not see it.

How Could This Be Used?

There are a range of use-cases for this additional sender, but the primary goal of having additional CRM user custom fields is to further personalize the email sending experience. This allows you to use other senders that are affiliated with a lead or contact record, but that are not necessarily the direct owners of them or their related account.

What Do You Need?

  • Salesforce privileges to edit the lead/contact objects
  • Pardot administrator privileges

Requirements to Consider:

  • The Salesforce user must be active and be a Sales/Service Cloud user
  • You must specify a second sender or custom reply-to in Pardot in case there is no value for the custom field
  • The timing of when the CRM user custom field is populated vs. the timing of the email you are sending is populated

Steps to Enable:

  1. Create the user lookup field in Salesforce on the lead/contact record
  2. Map between the lead/contact records in Salesforce if you are using both
  3. Create the custom prospect field in Pardot referencing the custom Salesforce field with field type as CRM User and set the sync behavior to use Salesforce’s value
  4. Connect the Salesforce user to the Pardot user if they are not connected already

For more information, see the related Salesforce help article.

(COMING SOON) Part Two: Add a Salesforce user to your Pardot dynamic content


Published by Lori Trzcinski

Lori Trzcinski is a Salesforce Marketing Champion and leads the Philadelphia Salesforce Marketing Cloud Marketers Group. She is a Certified Marketing Cloud and Pardot Consultant who is also a Salesforce Advanced Administrator. She is a marketing manager turned consultant with a passion for all things martech—especially helping people to bring their marketing goals to life through the use of the ever-growing number of technology options available.

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