Do you still have Pardot-only users?

Do you still have Pardot-only users in your Pardot org?

On June 15, 2020, Salesforce announced that by the beginning of its Spring 2021 release, all Pardot users will be required to use single sign-on (SSO) with Salesforce.

Pardot users will begin seeing a notification banner within their Pardot account sharing this change information. Pardot users that do not have SSO enabled by the Spring 2021 release will be unable to log into the platform after the release date, but there is a solution!

For Pardot-only users, there are two options:

  1. Use a Salesforce CRM license – this option is recommended for marketing team members who may require full access to Salesforce capabilities in addition to Pardot.
  2. Obtain the ‘Identity’ license that is compatible with Salesforce Enterprise and Unlimited customers (Professional is supported for outbound SSO only). This license allows Pardot users to have the SSO access to Salesforce without the need for all of the bells and whistles of using Salesforce CRM. Pardot will be bundling Salesforce Identity licenses with all future Pardot editions as well as backfilling the license into all existing customer orgs later this year.

Why is there a change?

Salesforce is making this change to strengthen its Pardot-Salesforce integration. Pardot-only users lack the advantages of some of Salesforce’s latest releases such as Pardot Business Units, B2B Marketing Analytics (B2BMA), and the Lightning Email Builder.

How do I know where to look for user impact?No alt text provided for this image

Navigating to Administration>Users section of your Pardot instance will allow you to view Pardot-only users and Salesforce SSO users.

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Additionally, these symbols (shown right) indicate that a user has an existing Salesforce SSO configured and verified for their Pardot username. Any users without these symbols you can assume will be impacted by this change. The symbols can be located next to the email address of a Pardot user on that same Users page under Administration in Pardot. Optionally, by clicking directly on a Pardot user, their specific SSO activation information will read “User has activated their account. This user is SSO-only and cannot login using their email and password”.

What if I do not have Salesforce CRM?

The Pardot team will begin reaching out this summer to this small number of affected customers to assist with the creation of a Salesforce org.

What else should I know?

Upgrading to the Pardot Lightning App is not required for this SSO change, however, it is highly recommended to make the marketers experience better and to set customers up for long-term advantages. Additionally, enabling Salesforce User Sync is a great way to start preparing for this change so that you begin to create more SSO Pardot users instead of Pardot-only ones. Furthermore, any current Pardot API integrations will need to be updated once the Pardot API is available in the Summer 2020 release.

For more information, here are two Salesforce knowledge articles that will answer additional questions or concerns:


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